Most people that go to prison tend to become healthier. The reason for this is the regulation of foods served there.

Based on the common phrase, "You are what you eat," we all know being healthy greatly depends on what we consume. Formerly, Japanese people were much healthier. Now, as they become wealthy, they consume richer foods and as a result are damaging their health. In Japan, people are increasingly suffering from obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and so on, such as those who live in the USA.

A traditional Japanese menu consists mainly of rice, vegetables, and fish or some other form of protein. Prisons in Japan typically keep to this standard. The menus are arranged to offer 1,500 Kcal a day. Many people, who have some serious condition caused by consuming too much rich food, recover from their health conditions once they are put in prison due to these regulated meals. It would be difficult to find a more healthy meal plan. These menus not only work to make people healthy but also offer a diet method.

Prison menus have been developing a great deal of attention in Japan since the developer of DietMaster brought them up under the light. This site is designed to present to you a five day example for your reference.